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We started ZombieWarning.com in 2010 because we knew there was a lack of an international warning system to warn you and your loved ones of a zombie attack.  We have the knowledge and the skill needed to predict and identify all types of zombie attacks and we are offering this service free to everyone.  You can sleep safely at night knowing we are watching out for you and your loved ones.
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ZombieWarning.com is dedicated to alerting the public and private sectors of possible and imminent Zombie Attacks.  Through the use of this website and various tools that are in development, we aim to provide a trustworthy resource to help keep you safe and give you time to prepare to defend yourself, your family and your business if needed.  As the number one Zombie Warning System (ZWS) you know you can trust us to help you protect your family and your future.
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How does the system work?
Upon receiving reliable intelligence of a possible or imminent zombie attack, this page will be updated with information to include the location(s), number of zombies, projected future movements, known zombie free zones and more.

Interested in viewing some of the intelligence we have gathered?  Check our new Open Source Zombie Reporting Tracker here.

How is ZombieWarning.com Free?
We don't charge a fee for our services.  We are able to do this due to companies sponsoring ZombieWarning.com.  This means that everyone in the world can afford to be protected by our services and nobody will be left behind.

What do the warnings look like?
The following Zombie Warning Levels will be prominently displayed on this page:
Zombie Attack Warning Levels for reporting a zombie invasion on ZombieWarning.com
How will ZombieWarning.com stay online during an attack?

As more communications cable is buried and out of the reach of zombies, we have no doubt that this site will stay online for the duration of the attack to keep you updated.  We have a series of underground fortified complexes where we are prepared to continue to run this free service and keep you updated with the information you need to survive a zombie attack.  We also retain the services of the Operators at Zombie Kill Team (ZKT) to ensure that we are protected during a zombie attack. 

How can you help?

Help spread the word about ZombieWarning.com.  You could save someone's life by telling them about this free service.
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Privacy Policy:  We do not require registration and any information volunteered in email communication with ZombieWarning.com is considered private unless we are required by law to provide the information to law enforcement personnel. We do offer a service where people can submit Zombie Reports.  By submitting the information for possible inclusion into the Open Source Zombie Reporting Tracker, you are giving us permission to include the information on the ZombieWarning.com site.  We do not share personal information and only offer a service that you can use for free to be notified of a pending or imminent zombie attack.  to help keep this service free, we may use advertising on this site to cover the costs of maintaining this site. 
Disclaimer:  We utilize various open source pieces of information to collect our intelligence on possible or imminent zombie attacks.  We will change the alert image on the page to reflect what we judge to be the current zombie warning level.  Zombie warning levels higher than "low" will be linked to additional information about what you can do to prepare. 
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